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Military Tattoo Designs

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Tattoo making has been known to man since time perpetual. In olden times, it was made as a form of art. Today, however, tattoos are used as a form of self phrase or to make a fashion statement. More often than not, people don tattoos to symbolize the meaning allied with it. Nearly all the tattoo designs are symbolic and have some meaning related with them. Military tattoos are one such tattoo design which have great symbolic meaning. They have been sported by people since early times. Let us have a look at the history of military tattoo designs

History of Military Tattoos
One may have heard of Otzi, the iceman, found in the Alps who is alleged to be from the stone age. His body is nearly 5000 years old and also the oldest known human skin available today. The exciting fact of it is that the body of Otzi was tattooed in several places. Hence, from this inspection, it was conditional that tattoo making was known to man since earliest times. Secondly, there have been a few reference which indicate that the English soldiers colored their bodies in some form of color during Julius Caesar’s reign. This is also believed to be a form of tattoo.

Military Tattoo Meanings
The most main symbol of military tattoos is patriotism. It also symbolizes nationalism and national fervor. Military tattoo designs are in the main made by people to keep alive their military spirit even after the end of their service. Sometimes, military tattoos are also made by people to form a everlasting memorial of any particular operation in which they had participate. On the other hand, sometimes tattoos are made as a memory of loved ones that rotting in the war.

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