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Midi Skirts

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Midi skirts and dresses finish somewhere between the bottom of the kneecap and the bottom of the calf. Form fitting midi skirts and dresses were very prevalent in the 1940’s. They were popular in flared silhouettes in the 1950’s. And they were popular in just about every silhouette in the 80’s – anyone remember the flared midi skirt that hitched up on one side.

The midi skirts looks best when worn with at least a low heel, once again, to balance out proportions. But please don’t say no to this trend if it doesn’t light your fire immediately. Midi Skirt come in a range of lengths and silhouettes, and you might end up loving the look once you’ve found the version that’s right for you.

Midi skirts are the most common length of skirts. These skirts are slightly below knee length to mid calf length. These are the skirts that are appropriate for work as well as for fun. With this length of skirt you should wear a low heel so as to balance out the proportions.

If you are petite please keep in mind that this may not be the most flattering length of skirt on you but if you want a skirt like this just keep searching, perhaps in the petite department of a store, because there are petite flattering skirts out there.

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