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Mehndi Pattern Designs

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There can be no Indian wedding without the Mehndi. The bride’s hands are always decorated with the reddish orange hue of the mehndi. The traditional pattern involves a lot of delicate detailing with fine, thin lines for lacy and floral. This covers the entire hands, forearms and feet and can be a little time consuming. Traditional Mehndi patterns have seen an evolution of late. Henna is also known to have a cooling property when used on skin and can also be used on the hair to get a tinge of red.

The art form of Mehndi patterns design application varies from religion to place. These mehndi designs hold different meanings as per the culture of the place it originates from. Good health, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment is symbolized through various mehndi designs.

Mehndi Pattern Designs

For the workaholics having no time to spare for mehndi patterns studios, there are stencils available in the market that are designed to make life easy for you. You can choose from simple but bold designs to adorn your belly or arm. Mehndi can be applied over the stencil and left to dry. Simply peel off after an hour. It can also be kept overnight for better coloring on the skin. Add some body glitter for some glitz or use paintbrushes to blend in more colors for different effects.

Do avoid ‘black mehndi’ or ‘African mehndi’ as it is known to harm your skin. Mehndi, is never black hence ‘black mehndi’ contains harmful chemicals that is dangerous and inappropriate for your skin. African mehndi patterns are bold or have geometric shapes, Mehndi always colors in orange, red, reddish brown or coffee colors and never black. It is always better to do a patch test before you actually go in for the mehndi design.

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