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Mehndi Designs With Eid Celebration 2012

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Mehndi Designs are very popular on different occassions specally on Eid Occassion ladies love to use Mehndi or Henna and 2011 Eid is coming and ladies celebrate this Eid with Mehndi. There are certain traditions, but still used today.Mehndi used in place of the East, because they believe in magical and medicinal properties it has. For example Mehndi is used to help heal skin diseases, cool the skin in hot climates, and prevent hair thinning.In Morocco, in a house is purchased, is the art of Mehndi doors. Basically, the doors are painted with Mehndi to bring prosperity at home and avoid the bad input.

Mehndi Designs With Eid Celebration 2012

Eid Celebration is complete with the usag of Mehndi Designs. Mehndi art is also used to celebrate engagements, circumcisions, births, and religious holidays and national art of Mehndi festivals.The is not practiced in a religion, but rather in multiple religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Jews.It is also a custom in some cultures that a bride whose family has little money, will wear Mehndi in place of jewelry. As tradition goes, it is said that the darker the Mehndi the bride wears over his stepmother likes HER. colored Mehndi design is a sign of good luck for the new couple.

Mehndi Designs With Eid Celebration 2012

Eid is very famous occassion in all over the world muslims are celebrate this with great fun. Another interesting fact Mehndi art is that it is a common tradition in the name of the bride and groom hidden in Mehndi designs and that the wedding night to start the groom must find his new bride name.The, also did not allowed to do any housework until the Mehndi design is gone. Some of the most popular models, these meetings are the lotus flower, a peacock, which is the national bird of India and an elephant with a raised trunk.As you have a rich history and importance of art Mehndi.

Mehndi Designs With Eid Celebration 2012

There is more to the design and color combinations so just beauty.So spectacular, the next time you think you have the art of Mehndi is, consider what you are trying to say or create. Enjoy the “magic” of tattoo removal Mehndi.This site is the work of J. Allen Pollick, author of the seminal book on safe and effective way to remove tattoos, to your own or with professional help.Tattoo removal is easy as possible with tattoos covering 15 Far different methods of tattoo removal, which 7 do it yourself tattoo removal methods. Chand Raat is very special for the ladies all the womens like girls are busy to draw Mehndi Designs on Hands or feet.

Mehndi Designs With Eid Celebration 2012

Eid is very important festival for all the muslims in the World Wide its a realigious function for the muslims. who are living any where in the World but on the occassion of Eid all muslims are together. The womens of Muslims are enjoy a lot beacause they go in bazars do shopping like Shalwar Kameez, Mehndi or Henna, Mehndi Designs Books are very famous in these days. One day before Eid all ladies are busy in Mehndi Designs or Mehndi because womens draw designs or tattos on hands or feets and look for the differnt to one and another on Chand raat.

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