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Mehndi Designs Eid Festival 2012

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Mehndi Designs are very famous in all over the World but specailly in womens on Eid Festival its on their peak. You may have seen the rise in the popularity of mehndi designs over the years. Mehndi is nothing but the extract of a plant which is used for cosmetic purposes. So it is also used to draw various designs or patterns on various body parts to enhance physical beauty. If you are looking for permanent body art, a regular tattoo may be the way to go. These tattoos stay for a couple of months and then they vanish.

Mehndi Designs Eid Festival 2012

These Mehndi tattoos have been a part of tradition in many countries since centuries. In present day, they have become more fashionable therefore increasing their popularity. When it comes to various designs or patterns, they look quite attractive and will definitely enhance the beauty of a person. Many choose to have the designs put on their hands and feet. Some girls would also like to apply mainly on nails and palms.

Mehndi Designs Eid Festival 2012

Some cultures tend to have a lot of mehndi art during wedding ceremonies or related celebrations. The designs tend to consist of floral shaped objects and symbols. The ink is made by crushing the leaves of a certain plant. The plants are usually grown at home because of the widespread usage.If you’re actually interested in the Mehndi tattoos, you can also buy a packet of Mehndi in the powdered form, from the market.

Mehndi Designs Eid Festival 2012

Simply add water to the powder and it will create a particular paste that can be applied to the body. To create intricate and beautiful designs you will need a tool that looks like a cone. All you need to do is to squeeze the cone on your body while you draw a particular design. You will be amazed with the finished product and the beauty of the design. The most beautiful designs come from your own ideas.

Mehndi Designs Eid Festival 2012

The activity of applying henna is popular across the globe, and in some parts of the world henna is also known as mehndi, nevertheless the popularity of this art remains high almost everywhere it goes. Henna designs come in many different shapes and designs, though the most popular three mehndi styles in existence today are the Indian mehndi designs, the Pakistan mehndi designs and the Arabic mehndi designs.

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