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Mehndi Designs For Eid

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Eid is special Occasion for all the muslims in the World and celebrate this Festival with hurt and Eid 2011 is also coming after few days. Giving a dimension to the concept of creativity and design, Mehndi has swept through the hearts of various foreigners and locals to indulge them in the finest of all cultural activity and more of a custom and tradition now.Even though the practice was presumed to have commenced during Egyptian civilization 5,000 years ago where it was used during the mummification, it has steadily developed into a casual activity in various countries of Middle- East and Europe.

Mehndi designs 2011 For Eid

In order to design out patterns with the help of the greenish paste that leaves a rather orange-reddish colour behind it, there needs to be no such requirement of artistic skills instead a sense of imagination and creativity only.These designs can be based upon simple geometrical shapes like circles, triangles and squares or intricate motifs or merely floral patterns as to the likeness of people. Mehndi Designs are commonlly used on Eid and 2011 Eid is coming after few days.

Mehndi designs 2011 For Eid

According to customs there are three basic traditions for Mehndi patterns and designs.Arabic Mehndi is composed of large simple floral patterns beautifying the hands and feet of women, though reflecting the skill and expertise of the artists and individuality of designs from all other traditions surrounding the Arabian Peninsula.Secondly Indian tradition or rather Asian culture is embodied by the enriched delicacy of fine lines and lacey paisley or floral patterns covering the entire hands, feet, shins and forearms

Mehndi designs 2011 For Eid

Pakistani and Indian women are laced with Mehndi up to their elbows and calf muscles as well to complete the due purpose of beautification.On the other side, African motifs are larger and bolder in design revealing their creativity and imaginative skills. Lather than intricate fine lines or floral patterns, women are revamped with geometrically patterned designs and extensively- used angles.Whatsoever the tradition, it is the choice of the people to envelope up in the design they want to. In Pakistan and India many families used mehndi Designs.

Mehndi designs 2011 For Eid

From the aspect of Bridal, Arabic, Saroski, Chopper, Peacock, Traditional Indian designs to Henna tattoos in Western countries, every creation by the Mehndi artists is equally alluring and fascinating for the locals as well as the visitors.Mehndi Designs is most commonly used in all over the Asia. Muslims womens make designs on hands and on feets as well. In Pakistan and India many womens used this trend and these days Eid is coming and all ladies are busy to search Mehndi Designs.

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