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Mehendi Ceremony

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Mehendi ceremony has been celebrated for a long time and no marriage is complete without this ceremony. It is also said that mehndi is one of the adornments of the bride and it is required that the bride wears it. Mehndi ceremony is a private affair for some to be celebrated with family and close friends. However some families might choose to celebrate it in a bigger scale.The ritual of mehndi is celebrated by applying beautiful and intricate henna designs on the hands and feet of the girl. It is said that the deeper the color of the mehndi on the stronger would be the bond between the bride and the groom.

The mehendi designs is applied by a female relative of the house or by a mehendi design wala who after applying mehendi on the bride also decorates the hands of all the female relatives who are preset thereMehendi ceremony has a festive feel to it and sets the mood of the wedding. The women gather together to sing traditional songs. They songs are sung to the accompaniment of the dholak and contain wishes for the happy married life of the couple. There are also traditional dances that are held.

It is custom that the girl must not step outside of the house after this ceremony. The mehendi party is a fun filled and joyous occasion and is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The party comes to an end with a dinner for the guests.In some communities another ritual, the haldi ceremony is celebrated together with mehendi ceremony. In this turmeric paste is applied on the hands, feet and face of the girl. It is said the application of turmeric gives a beautiful glow to the skin of the girl. In some cases the haldi and the mehendi ceremony are held together. The haldi ceremony is observed in both the groom and the bride’s place.

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