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Master the lost art of romance

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Master the lost art of romance

If you haven’t yet got to grips with the fact that most women love a little romance then I suggest that you do so now! Even a smart, savvy career girl loves some romance in her life. Why? Romance signals to her that you think she’s special. And that puts her in the mood for fun – and more – if that’s the way your date is going.

Your comfort zone

Romance is all about her feeling comfortable around you. When she feels good in your presence it’s easier to impress her. So create a ‘comfort zone’ so that she feels good around you.
Consider your Before-Play
I coined a term a number of years ago called Before-Play. This is all about setting the whole scene for romance and potential seduction. Your Before-Play includes: being flirty on the phone before you meet up; complimenting her when you see each other; and making her feel a bit special – yes, open the door for her when you get to the pub or restaurant! It also includes you not being stressed out because you’ve just rushed from work to meet her – never attractive or sexy!
Romantic gestures to try out for her
Let’s start small. After your date, send her a text saying how hot or lovely she looked. If she mentioned her favourite band or pop singer then e-mail her a clip of them performing. It shows you listened to what she said!
Likewise, if she happened to say something random like about her ‘addiction to Crunchie bars’ when you next meet up with her bring one along, preferably in a little gift bag.
Once you know her a little more you can arrange to pop by her office for lunch – but bring a surprise little ‘picnic’ with you. It only has to be a couple of sandwiches and smoothies but it’s the thought that makes it so romantic!
You don’t want to turn into a stalker-type and text her all the time until things really get going and a relationship develops. But you should always send her a text after an evening out to make sure she’s got home and saying something nice about the date. The fact that you care about her safety will actually feel quite romantic to her.
Take her to a scary movie or a thriller flick and wrap your arm right around her so she feels cosy and secure. A great ploy to get her snuggling up!

As you get to know her more, why not try some of these?
– Definitely cook dinner for her. It doesn’t have to be anything gourmet, but make it amazing nonetheless by lighting candles on a table and making sure you have some mood music on. She’s much more likely to notice the ambience rather than what you actually put on her plate!
– Ask if you can borrow her iPod and then load some “love” music onto it.
– As you get to know her more you can light your bathroom with little candles and run a hot, sudsy bath for her. Part of what women see as being romantic is being cared for, particularly in a sensual way.
– If she’s mentioned she wants to see a particular movie then surprise her, book it and take her along. Don’t tell her where you’re going and once you get to the cinema don’t tell her what film you’re seeing until it starts.
– You can’t go wrong with some old-fashioned gifts like flowers and chocolates. Better to make them small and high-quality than to buy cheap stuff.
Get sensual!
Building on romance, the next step is learning sensuality! Definitely offer to give her a massage particularly if she’s had a tough day. As you gently stroke her neck and rub her shoulders you’ll stimulate the production of oxytocin – the ‘love’ hormone. This will make her feel good in your company.
Then continue to punctuate your fledgling relationship with lots of flirty and complimentary texts, e-mails and phone calls.

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