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Make up For Small Eyes

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Small eyes are respectively smaller in comparison to the rest of the facial features. If you have small eyes, try the following Makeup Tips for Small Eyes to make your eyes appear bigger:
1. Apply light pastel colored eyeshadow on the eyelids.
2. Apply mediumtoned eyeshadow (such as soft grey or blue) in the creases.
3. To give your eyes more fame, apply highlighting shade under the brows
4. Line upper and lower lids with soft-colored eyeliner to boost small eyes.
Small Eyes Makeup Tips and Tricks
How to shape brows

Well-shaped brows make small eyes appear wider even without any other makeup. Remove stray hairs and pluck your eyebrows a little with tweezers. When plucking your eyebrows, leave the inner part of your brow thicker, this will create an arch to frame the eye. Then fill in thin spots with brow powder or brow pencil.

Use light shades of eyeshadow

Apply pastel-colored shades of eyeshadow on the whole lid, starting at your lashes, and blending up to your brow. Avoid dark shades which will make small eyes look even smaller.

How to apply eyeliner

To make small eyes appear bigger, line upper and lower eyelids with soft-colored eyeliner starting above your iris and extend to the outer corner of your eye or slightly upward. Avoid thick black lines, which can actually close up the eye. Smudge the line or use the matching eyeshadow to soften. Use white eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes.

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