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Maheshwari Saree

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The designs of the motifs are derived from the temples and the palaces of Maheshwar. The Maheshwari sarees were initially made only in red, maroon, black, purple and green but today these sarees are also made in lighter shades. The colours used in the Maheshwari saree are grape green, magenta, deep mauve pink, deep pink, golden, dark brown, cyan and many more.

Maheshwari Saree

The Maheshwari sarees are designed in different decorations like bel phool, mayur, aam buta, ambi butti, chand tara etc. Nowadays women don’t have to try too hard to look good and trendy when it comes to a party.The weavers make the Maheshwar threads by high reeling and weaving cloth. The method of dying is practiced by making vegetable dyes from the locally available plants called katha colour.

Maheshwari Saree

The border of the saree and the motifs are woven with the colourful thread which is dyed by the local method process. These sarees are quite durable and the motifs are quite unusual.The hues and shades of the fabric are referred to in the vernacular as Angoori, gul bakshi, dalimbi, rani, etc. The use of zari and kinari is also a unique collection of the Maheshwari sarees. The zari work is seen in the blouse piece also. The saree are traditionally woven by the Hindu weavers, most of them are women from the Maru community. The weavers got the silk yarn from China, zari the golden thread is from Surat and some from Germany.

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