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Maheshwari Saree design

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The typical definition of a saree can be said as an elongated, unstitched cloth. It extends from four to nine meters in length-that drapes over the body in different styles. The style to wear a saree differs from place to place owing India to be a country of diversities. The most common style to wear a saree is to wrap around the waist area. The Indian saree is accompanied by a blouse and a petticoat. The blouse is also known as choli or ravika which is the upper garments. The ancient history indicates the remarkable variety of costumes that are made of cotton and silk fabrics which were used as the Indian .

The Maharashtrian women wear this traditional sarees with the flowing pleats in front while the back portion is tucked into the waist. The Maheshwari sarees are mostly found in cotton and silk which is characterized by its simplicity. The body of the saree is plain or has stripes or checks. The plain sarees are known as Chandrakala and baingani Chandrakala, which is woven with blackish violet wrap and chocolate weft. The saree can be worn either side because of the reversible borders of the saree which is known as ‘Bugdi’.

The pallav of the Maheshwari sarees is also unique with five stripes with three coloured and two white colours alternating. Now these Indian sarees are made in natural and as well as artificial silk also. The sarees usually have rich golden borders and two gold bands on the pallu. The traditional sarees with gold chicks, with lotus rounded all over are known as butis-are more expensive.

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