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Lovely Japanese Tattoos

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Japanese tattoo designs have been experiencing a real revival in recent years and with the beautiful designs it is easy to see why. The Japanese have been doing tattoos for thousands of years and they have developed an some of the most lovely beautiful designs and tattoo themes ever. If you are thinking about getting a Japanese tattoo design for women then here are some ideas and guidance that will help you in making your decision.

Lovely Japanese Tattoos
Of course tattooing has long been a tradition in Japan. However, it was not until recent years that tattoos in Japan and their designs really came into acceptance. Way back in the days of Samurai’s tattoos were used to brand criminals. This branding of criminals continued down into the Yakuza (Japanese Gangs) choosing to tattoo themselves as a mark of the chosen lifestyle.

Lovely Japanese Tattoos

In more recent years though the young in Japan are not getting tattoos even though they don’t belong to Yakuza. Tattoos are kind of going through a rebirth of sorts in Japan and they are becoming more widely acceptable as they have here in the US.

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