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Love Tattoo Designs

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Love-Tattoo-Designs2Best Symbol of love your family Mother and father just simple beautiful tattoo

Tattoos are symbols that tell a story without using words. History of tattoos and body art, suggest that these eternal markings were worn for personal prettification, for marking a status symbol, signs of religious beliefs, forms of punishment and as a speech of love. Love conquer all the other reasons to wear a tattoo. Love tattoo designs for couples are very popular. Some wear it to state their perpetual love and some wear it in memory of their perpetual love. Whatever the reason may be, love tattoo designs are a mark of being in love forever. Here are a few love tattoo designs and their meanings.

Meanings of Love Tattoo Designs and Symbols

Heart Tattoo
Love heart tattoo designs are the most generally made tattoo designs. Most heart tattoos return admiration, passion and love. However, heart tattoos have other connotation too, depending on their design. A bleeding heart represents lost love. unneeded to say a broken heart stands for rejection, glumness and a failed relationship. A pierced heart tattoo with swords and arrows shows sad unforgettable memories. Hearts with stiletto stand for bravery and betrayal. Finally, hearts with wings are a representation of freedom, free spirit and ceaseless love.

Lip Tattoo
Love tattoo designs for girls are lips. Lips being the visible part of body, they become an outright speech of sensuality and sexuality. Since lips are a tactile and erogenous organ, lip tattoos represent a deep sexual desire. On the other hand, if a man draws a lip tattoo, it shows his sexual appeal. So in actual fact, a lip tattoo in totality stands for relationship, arousal and incentive.

This Tattoo Mostly Applied for show you love with your Mother and Father

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