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Lotus Tattoos

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If the lotus could speak it would have said these words and bragged about itself which is so unlikely for the humble lotus. It has been the symbol of detachment from worldly desires and illusions according to the Hindu religious scriptures. It symbolized purity in the true sense of the term in spite of its seed being the stagnant water. Lotus symbolizes Life ever renewed and revitalized when it peeks out of the muddy waters every morning.

The flower has been a part of legends and almost every culture, civilization and religion in the world took up Lotus to teach something or the other to the multitude. According to the Egyptian mythology, Lotus was the flower to be created out of the inert fluid chaos of the world, Nun and the sun God, Atum walked out of it to spread his light allover the Cosmos. One of the versions also suggests that the Sun God emerged out of the petals of the flower as Ra. In Egypt it is rightly taken as a symbol of genesis, revival and restoration.

Lotus Tattoos

Though Buddhism adopted the concept of “Om Mani Padme Hum” – a hymn that celebrates the ‘jewel in lotus’-the essence and spirit being invested in the core of all mankind, which can glow into radiant brightness if he can save himself from the debris of life.

Lotus as a Symbol
as a flower symbolizes the journey and advancement of the soul through the realization of the material world to be one with the supreme soul. In Hindu Mythology, the utterance of first,’om’ brought forth the first “golden lotus” and the lotus is also the seat of Brahma (the creator), thus making it a strong creation archetype. The stalk of lotus originating in Vishnu’s (the preserver) navel also presents it as the umbilical cord in the creation of universe. Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity and Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge are also seated on lotus.

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