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Long Kameez Styles with Churidar 2012

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Gracefulshalwar Kameezsuit is mostly worn by the people of south Asia including men, women and children. This is also a nationaldressof Pakistani and Afghani people. Indian women love to wear thisdresscasually as well as formally. Men’sshalwar Kameez dressis consisted of two parts,shalwar (bottom attire) and Kameez (upper attire).
Womanshalwar Kameez dressis consisted of three parts;shirt, shalwar and dupatta. This beautifuldressis a big source to enhance the grace of Eastern women as well as they will feel secure, relaxed and comfortable while wearing it.Shalwaris in fact like aloose pajamaand the upper part of its legs is wide than its lower part. And you need a waistband fortighteningtheshalwararound your waist for a good grip.
The popularity of thisdresshas not only spread across the all around the world, and even the west has adopted it this style in great way. The humbleLongsalwar Kameezhas been modified in styles and fabrics to suit modern sensibilities and cater to a large variety of crowd. Atraditional Salwarset comprises of a tunic top known as aKameez, a pair oftrouserscalledsalwar, which is fastened used a drawstring at the waist and a stole called aduppatta,chudhniorodhni. TheChuridarKameezsuit is very popular right now. It is a modernized variation of thetraditional Long Style Kameez with churdarmaking it a favorite of the ladies. The basics of thedressare similar to anysalwar Kameezset, but aChuridar Kameezis fitted and accentuates the figure.
Kameezcomes in variety of shapes. Length can differ based on latest fashion trend. In old days there was fashion of veryshort Kameez lengthbut today long lengths are used. Most of the embroidery and heavy work is done on gala (chest) part ofKameezalthough front end ofKameezis often worked on aswell.Kameez’sstyle changes based on the occasion its worn on. For simple homeShalwar Kameezsuit cotton or lawn fabric is used with no embroidery what so ever.
For small to medium gathering ladies chooseChuridar Kameezfabric that is not lawn instead cotton or other fabrics such assilkorchiffon.Light embroidery is often used on the chest and bottom front ofKameezbut not too heavy. Mostly handembroideryis preferred but machine work onShalwar Kameezis just as good these days.
Thepajamais long in length and buttons at the cuffs. Once worn, the pajama ends in bangle like rings at the ankle. The structure of this style makes it look good on tall and slim women. Modern women are more creative about theiroutfits.They are not satisfied with factory generated designs that have similar looks. Each woman has her own opinion regarding design, fit, neckline, sleeves etc and wants herclothesto be a reflection of her tastes. In order to create their own style statement, a lot of women get clothes specially designed according to their specifications. Such clothes are called designerChuridar  Kameez suits. Designer suits are the epitome of high fashion nowadays.

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