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Logitech Tablet Speaker

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The Logitech Tablet Speaker is the perfect way to share with your friends and extend your tablet experience into the world around you.  It also comes with a travelling case, so it’s great for last minute summer travel. This Logitech TabletSpeaker is an external speaker system where it could be clipped on any tablet device you have, whether it is an iPad, Galaxy Tab, or Motorola Xoom. Plus, this tablet speaker has a built-in battery to support the speaker drivers itself without draining power from the tablet. The built-in rechargeable battery could lost for 8 hours per full charge, which kind of inline with most tablet’s battery life in the market today.

Technology news Logitech Tablet Speaker


Logitech Tablet Speaker require no special port to use it. It only require the most common 3.5mm audio headphone jack to receive the audio signal.  Once you connect the audio cable to the headphone jack, just sit back and enjoy—perfect for an impromptu dance party or a movie on the go.Technology news Logitech Tablet SpeakerTechnology news Logitech Tablet Speaker  Technology news Logitech Tablet Speaker

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