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Red Lipstick – pink Lipstick
Makes the color seem warmer, but harder and deeper as well. Can also bring out all the red tones in your skin as well so be careful!

LipstickMakes the color warmer, and softer. Looks great on warm skin tones, but if you’re really pale, can bring out the green / blue undertones in your skin. To be on the safe side, go towards the yellow side, rather than the range. Too much orange can make skin look gray and sluggish.

LipstickA way to make a lipstick more dramatic – deeper. Try to stay clear of these if possible, they can make you look like you’re STILL standing under fluorescent lighting.


Adds shimmer, softness, depth, Easy to spot in those light shimmer lipsticks that are so popular now. Adds light and softness to the lipstick, just make sure that it’s not too much on the blue / gray side. Can make those under eye circles stand out.

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