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Lion Tattoos for Women

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Girls-Lion-Tattoo-DesignMedium size Lion Tattoo look very beautiful also suit for girl

While consider to get a tattoo on their body, most women opt for faint and feminine tattoo designs. However, this trend is fast changing as more and more women are choosing the lion as a tattoo design. There are some reasons for the lion tattoo to rise in recognition among women. One of the reason is that lions have been a part of the religion, folklore and art of various cultures. However, the main reason for the majestic and polished animal to have become popular with women is that there are a range of lion tattoo designs to choose from, each one loaded with a range of meanings. Let us take a look at the different lion tattoos for women, and what they stand for.

Lion Tattoo Designs for Women

You can choose a lion tattoo design according to your taste and preference. Your lion tattoo can be huge one or a small one. While there are many people who like to have the whole lion on their body, there are others who think that just the face of the lion looks grand and magnificent. One among the many lion tattoos for girls is the picture of the lion with its habitat in the background. You can have a large, full-bodied lion tattoo and a lush Savannah or jungle in its background. Apart from this, you also have the option to go for a lion tattoo that is colorful (where all its facial features are highlighted with the help of different colors) or that which has a monotone. Here are some lion tattoo designs for girls that have become a craze in the recent times.

Lion Tattoos for Women

Leo, the Astrological Sign: Girls who are born under this astrological sign, i.e. between July 23 and August 22 prefer to have the lion as their tattoo because it represent the behavior that are official to their zodiac sign. The lion in the Leo sign represents the Sun and is said to have its exact characteristics. People born under the Leo sign are said to be strong, fearless and willful. Read more on zodiac tattoos.

Tribal lion tattoo american like this tattoo design and other Animal tattoo designs on their body.

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