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Learn The Art of Henna

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There are 3 ways you can learn how to do henna:
1. Book a group workshop
2. Attend private tutoring sessions
3. Join an Adult Education class already scheduled
1. Book a group workshop
Learn the art of henna with your friends or co-workers! A four-hour workshop session includes a complete explanation of how to make your own henna, the different world culture traditions of henna, the science of henna and skin, and design basics. A six-hour workshop additionally includes bridal mehndi techniques, how to start a henna business, and other advanced topics as requested.

Learn Art Henna
2. Attend private tutoring sessions
Private henna tutoring sessions are taught at Heather’s home studio, and are created to serve the needs of the student. The private tutoring. An ideal program of study would be once or twice a week over the course of 1 or 2 months, with plenty of time for Heather to assess and help you with your henna skills.

3. Join an Adult Education class already scheduled
The Learning Connection and South Coast Learning Network
Why are these so cheap, you ask? They are offered as a public service, so that just about anyone can stop by and learn the art of henna! If you can work around my schedule, you can learn henna for very little dinero

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