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Gorgeous shawl and scarf brooches! Ever since the earliest civilizations began walking this earth, fashion accessories had already existed. Of course they may have been very weird and unheard of but fact is that people were already using them. Probably one of the earlier types of fashion accessory though is the brooch.

Back when man only used to wear big pieces of cloth to cover their body, brooches were the accessory of choice when it came to fastening the two ends together. It is said that the earliest kind of brooch was probably the thorn. As simple as it may seem, it did its job and because of how it was used, can also be considered the first brooch ever.Over time, the appearance of brooch evolved and was slowly refined by craftsmen. The next advancement in this accessory, after the thorns, was the safety pin mechanism.

There was the ornament which was attached to the cloth by a pin and a spring made everything work smoothly.The next huge step on design came during the time of the Byzantines. They had a passion for color and this was carried over to their designs. For the first time, brooches came in bright colors with intricate designs. Soon after, it became a hot item during trades and was sought after by many.

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