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Latest Printed Sarees Fashion

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The discovery of a colored cotton fabric date back to the Indus Valley civilization shows that the art of dye with the use of mordants was well
known to the Indian dyers 5,000 years ago. This form of dye was responsible for making India famous all over the globe for its dyed and printed fabrics.

Latest Printed Sarees Fashion

Printed fabrics have also been found in Fostat, the old Cairo City. fresh excavations of Red Sea ports have also brought out a greater range of printed textile. These date rear to 800 A.D. There technique and design point to western Indian origin. Indian dyers had mastered the art of dyeing with speedy colors from ancient times whereas in Europe this was unknown. Indian dyers were considered magicians by travelers, who saw them putting a white cloth into a pale liquid of indigo dye and when the cloth appear from the dye bath it was still white.

Latest Printed Sarees Fashion

A number of printing technique have been urbanized in different centers. They are direct printing, resist printing, and screen printing. In certain cases, the cloth is painted by using by using a pen with dyes and mordants. This method is known as kalamkari, a pen work. In others, the technique of printing and kalamkari are combined by printing the outline of the design and filling in the details with a kalam, a pen.
The batik technique is a development from this form of resist printing.
Here the fabric is painted with melt shine and then dye in cold dyes after which the cloth is washed inhot water. This results in the melting of the buff and emergence of the patterns cloth. The effect of the resist system in printing is soft and subdued and the outlines are not so clearly defined in the case of the painted batik.

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