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When it comes to feet it is as important to choose a good doctor as it is when you take care of your heart, for example. Do not just walk in the first foot pain or podiatrist you find in your neighborhood. Take your time and seek out the best there is for your feet like any other part of your body, deserves the best there is.

1. Do your homework first: Before you even set out to search the right place to show your feet, you need to know what the market is offering and at what cost. Check out the most reputed foot clinics in the country and see what they offer.

Focus especially on the problems that interest you most and learn as much as you can about it. The better you do your homework, the more negotiation power you would have when you meet your future foot doctor.

2. Do they have the latest available technology? Ask the doctor whether he or she offers treatment with the help of the latest available technology. It is not enough to get an affirmative answer on this one. You need to further ask whether the doctor or any other personnel in the clinic have been trained and certified for using such technology.

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