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Latest Diamond Bangles

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Diamond bangles which are highly exclusive in their quality. Our cosmetics and jewelry, a necklace or a necklace, jewelry, bangles and bracelets for the purposes of a better today as part of the.These cultures, women wear, the status of the widow is not a jewelry and other jewelry, or earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets wear.

Diamond bangle can be worn on its own or together with additional bangles. Our dazzling diamond bangle are set in yellow an white gold settings, jeweled with princess cut and round cut diamonds to make the wonderful accessory to any casual or formal wear. You can select the ideal gift for a special woman from a collection of delicate as well as modern diamond bracelets. The modern ladder, cross over or waved diamond bangle will be a wonderful complement to every woman’s wrist. Diamond bangles are an extra popular alternative for diamond bracelets. Traditionally, diamond bangles are round and solid bracelets, available in various styles and metal settings.

However, if it is a diamond bangle, the wearer may not have any liking to remove it at all. If you are thinking of present the object of your adoration with a diamond bangles, there are a lot to choose from

A gold-plated 2.21 carat Cubic Zirconia White Bangle is only $86. Of course, cubic zirconia is only a diamond simulant. For a bangle with real diamonds, you can choose a Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Bangle for just $549. Combining the sturdy sterling silver with the unbreakable diamond is a good way of expressing your love in a very permanent way.

If you don’t like sterling silver and want something more precious, so to say, you can get a 10K Yellow Gold Diamond Cuff Bangle for only $1,550. Want something even more precious than that? Try the 18 K Yellow 22 mm Hammered Top Half 1.32 carats Diamond Bangle. Only a few dollars less than twenty-five thousand.

And while you are in the market for diamond bangles, here are some useful tips to help you make a distinction between a real diamond and one that may not be right what the seller says it is.

The easiest test is, of course, the scratch test. Scratch the gemstone across the surface of a piece of glass. A real diamond would scratch the glass. A fake diamond would end up being the injured party instead.

Another test that does not require special gear is the reading glass test. A real diamond is cut in such a way that light does not travel without stopping through it. Instead light would bounce around the inside walls of the diamond, thus giving it the mark sparkle. So it is impossible to see through a real diamond. Just hold a diamond over a piece of paper like a reading glass. If you can read the print on the newspaper through the diamond, then what you have in your hand is not a real diamond.

It is said that there is another very simple test to tell if a diamond is real. Give one to a girl. If she swoons, it is real. If she slaps you, it is not. Please note that this test has not been verified with properly recognized field tests, so use it at your own risk.

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