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Ladies Salwar Kameez 2012

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The phrase shalwar kameez is a generic term used to describe several suits that have been developed in different regions (Suthar Sindhi, Kashmiri Suthar, pajamas Dogri). Traditionally, it has been in Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In Pakistan, considered the national costume. The shalwar kameez popular type known in the subcontinent has its roots in the Punjab before partition. Since the 20th century, women in southern India have also copied this gown by filling out the sari, the traditional dress of India.

Salwar Kameez

The shalwar or Salwar (pronounced as in India) is a pajama like pants fit loosely. The legs are usually large at the top and narrow at the ankle, but there are several styles of jeans shalwar in modern times, some of them. Fashion and Jean-kameez as a long-sleeved long robe that reaches mid-thigh, but traditionally, it would be at the top of the knee. The side seams (known as Chaak), left open below the waist, giving the user more freedom of movement.

Salwar Kameez

A woman, the shalwar kameez is completed by using a dupatta (scarf in bulk) around the shoulders, wrapped in the chest. The history of salwar kameez goes back years ago the city of Punjab and Kashmir, but in recent years the trend transcends all other parts of the country. Indian costumes original and unique design are available in a combination of colors, patterns, designs and artwork. Some of the most popular are Chikan salwar kameez, zardosi, bandhej, batik, hand-written.

Salwar Kameez

Such attire ranging from casual wear salwar kamma is trendy Indo western styles to meet women of all ethnicities and age groups. Not only women but men are also part of the fashion industry. Former men’s fashion has never been believed with some permanent and classic styles, but the current fashion scenario has changed. Now, various styles and prints such as batik, block printing and Tie & Dye was introduced to jazz up the look of a man.

Salwar Kameez

For women, the shalwar kameez part is the dupatta – a long scarf wrapped around the covered body or head and the more conservative families. The shalwar kameez fashion revolved around cuts and lengths and shalwar kameez and styles of printing and the color palette of the dupatta. Most women in Afghanistan were forced by the Taliban to hide their faces even with a shalwar kameez. In Britain, especially during the last two decades, the garment has been transformed from a garment worn by women immigrants from southern Asia daily in a major fashion appeal and high even.

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