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Konrad Saree

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Konrad sareesare one of the nearly all well-known sarees. These have originate from Tamil Nadus and have earned a great standing on account of its traditional affluence and usage of excellent fabrics. These sarees have borders embellished with varied designs. The limitations range from 10-14cm wide and are woven in plain color with narrow bands of supplementary warppattern. This itself is quite popularly known askampiorpettuand is in the main positioned within 3 centimeters of each border edge.

Konrad Saree

These kind of sarees are quite generally famous for their wide usage in marriages as well as other occasions. The very body of theKonrad sareesdo contain a woven pattern usually checks or stripes. The very endpiece of the saree does contain either a series of widely spaced zari stripes or more classy and elaborate versions, extra weft figuring. The quite common form ofendpieceof Konradsareesis found in a wide band that is usually of zari along with weft-wise triangular point woven in the interlock weft practice.

Konrad Saree

The very designs of suchsareesdo vary as the designs differ from straight edged border or even with various styles of triangular motif known as karavai. Several of theKonrad sareesare quite named after the very color of their limits such as arakku saree having lac-dyed border and pudapayalam karavai a yellow serrated border.
The Konradsareeof South India is majorly woven in eastern TamilNadu, inKanchipuram, Salem, Arni Madras,Kumbakonamand Thanjavore. though, Arni was considered to be one of the major centres for these sarees in the 19th century, but in present times, Kanchipuram is quietly regarded as the most crucial Tamil-silk weaving centres. The Kumakonam and Thanjavore areas of South India do make heavy to medium weight Konrad silks that is quite similar in style as well as system to Kanchipuram’s; however the endpiece warps are gently fond of in a different manner. One of the more traditional variations of the Konrad sarees is the alleged temple sarees. These kinds of sarees are interlock weft-woven ‘mubbhagam’ saree that has its two borders as well as field of equal widths.

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