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Kolaveri Di awarded Best Song of 2011 by CNN

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Chennai: Dhanush seems to be becoming international sensation and star. We might see him not only in Bollywood rather in Hollywood films singing for songs there. Why this is being said? Obviously because of his popularity graph that has been heightening towards bigger highest in India and abroad due to his song ‘Kolaveri Di’. The fame of the track has reached to USA that CNN world’s leading news channel has declared the song ‘Kolaveri Di’ as the best song of 2011.

Well, this undoubtedly the biggest title the song has received and even the south industry has ever received. The channel got hugely impressed by the song and the singer.

This song from a Tamil movie has crossed all the boundaries and reached on international platform. The south songs are rarely heard all over the country and this song has not even been heard in India becoming the national anthem rather it reached to international terra firma.

The song is from the Tamil movie ‘3’ that stars Dhanush’s wife Aishwarya as well. The song has been on way to surprise the whole cast and crew of the movie every coming day. It is being expected that the New Year 2012 will also start with the endless fame of the song.

When it was produced, no one knew that the song would touch this kind of height that it will turn international reaching to the international standards that the like of CNN will acknowledge it.

Dhanush too is surprised at the response the song keeps on getting internationally. This song even made him invited by the PM of India at PM house where he ate dinner with PM and Japanese PM at the same table. Ratan Tata too recently invited him over dinner and the two ate dinner together. Dhanush was also invited by Amitabh Bachchan at his home. Super going, Dhanush.

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