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Koi Tattoo Designs

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Koi tattoo designshave a richJapanesemythological history and importance. Several Chinese and Japanese myths, stories, fables and legends have mentioned the strength and longevity ofkoifish. In many of these legends,Koifishare transformed into dragons and can climb waterfalls, through continuous effort and persistence.Koitattoodesignsas symbols represent consistency in the time of hardships and strength of character with a purpose. The carp represents loyalty, wisdom, sapience, knowledge and longevity.Koitattoodesignsare basicallycarpfishtattoodesignsand can be inked in many hues of gold and yellow. Somekoifishtattoodesignsare also inked in orange and multi-colors.Japanesekoitattoosand designs make great black and whitetattoodesignstoo!

 Koi FishTattoo Designs

Small Koi Fish Tattoo Designs
One of the most populartattoodesignsin the world oftattoostoday, arekoitattoodesigns. Usually thesetattoosare multi-shaded in hues of yellow, golden and orange since these colors are the typical colors of thekoifish. The beauty of akoifishtattoodesign lies in its scales. Ask your tattoo artist to color the scales of yourkoifishtattooin orange, red and golden yellow colors. A great idea for a smallkoifishtattoodesigncould be, getting it on your ankle. Usuallykoitattoodesignsare seen in men as they symbolize strength and masculinity. But gettingkoifishtattoodesignson your ankle, is a good idea for women connoisseurs oftattoos! If you are considering a smallkoifishtattoo, you can combine and customize it with a small message and getting it inked inJapanesescript would make it look authentic, and also add to the Asian charm it already has. You may like to read onJapanesetattoosand their meanings

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