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Koi Fish Tattoos

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Koi Fish swim strongly against the current of the flowing water. A legend tells of how these fish push mightily, their bodies struggling against the current of the Yellow River. For those who make it through the waterfall at Dragon Gate, a reward awaits them. They transform into dragons. This tale has had special meaning for those who choose to honor the koi and wish to mirror its success by getting Koi Fish Tattoos.

In China and Japan, the wild koi have taken on a significance that extends beyond their surface brilliance. The multitude of colors, including blue, gold and calico, are but a small part of their significance. The rarity of some breeds that results in astronomical prices, has little bearing on its overall worth. These fish through their tenacity have come to represent so much more than the beauty of their appearance. They are truly the warrior fish of Japan.

The meaning of Koi Fish is multi-layered. Like most symbolism there is no single meaning behind the image. This fish indicates good luck or fortune. It is also a sign of strength in design, determination when faced with difficulties, and courage throughout life’s challenges. As such, it is indicative of striving towards success and worldly attainment.

It is also a particularly masculine symbol. During the Boy’s Day Festival, Tango-no-Sekku which occurs during May, the families fly large koinobori. Shaped like koi, these multi-colored streamers celebrate children in general but sons in particular. The carps, ranging in size from the largest for the eldest son to the smaller ones representing the younger boys, is perceived as the ideal image of what a boy need aspire towards.

Koi Fish Tattoos

The symbolism extends to Tattoos. Those who decide to decorate their bodies are looking to attract or enhance the qualities associated with the koi fish. These Tattoos indicate the capability of an individual to strive for advancement, to reach for what he or she wants out of this world. Such a Tattoo also acts like sympathetic magic to attract luck and good fortune.

The specific symbolism behind them Tattoos will vary in accordance with certain variables. Before you obtain your Tattoo, make certain it is exactly what you want. Consider the specific aspects that will affect its overall interpretation including color, size, direction or position and number. For example, the depiction of a platinum Koi Fish indicates the bearer is hoping to obtain wealth through business success. Koi Fish Tattoos that are of gold fish, however, are symbolic of more general wealth, gold and prosperity.

For those who want to eternal wealth and welfare, the Koi Fish Tattoos should consist of 5 gold-colored koi. If your body sports a fish swimming upwards, it indicates the struggle towards achieving your goals. If the fish is facing downwards, it indicates the challenge has been overcome. Do keep these in mind and consult someone before you order a stencil for Koi Fish Tattoos.


The Koi Fish is representative of several significant admirable characteristics and Tattoos symbolize your desire to achieve these goals. The color, number and even direction of the Tattoo will demonstrate clearly what your aim is. Select the design for your Tattoos wisely.

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