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Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular in our society and have become an accepted part of Western culture. The koi fish is a popular breed of fish in Japan. Equally popular are tattoo designs inspired by this colorful species.Fish tattoo designs also come in different sizes.

Some are meant for small Tattoos on the wrist or ankle while others are intended for larger applications on the back or upper arm.The various meaning of a fish tattoo is derived both from the type of fish and the cultural history with which it is perceived.  Today, the symbol is a popular religious tattoo design and is often seen as a symbol for passionate, vocal, or revivalist believers.

Perhaps the most common fish design for Tattoos, though, is the Koi fishKoi fish, or Carp as they called in English, are very important in Japanese culture, much like the cherry blossom or dragon. Koi fish tattoo is among the most desired tattoo styles due to the symbolical meaning and creative attractiveness. This fish has vibrant and lively colors plus they are recognized to signify good luck and challenges in everyday life. There are Tattoos for every species of fish or sea life, from sponges and anemones to sharks, whales and guppies.  Some of the more popular fish for tattoo designs are goldfish, sting rays, eels, octopi, clown fish, and rainbow fish.

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