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Kohla Puri Designs For Girls

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Kolhapuri shoes are typically made up of leather, from the hide of a buffalo or any other animal. Kolhapuri are the handmade shoes that are made up of Kolhapur, a town of a state of India. It’s equally loved in Pakistan and there is different variety of Kolhapuri chappals available in special shoes that are particularly known for these shoes. Kolhapuri chappals are usually available in economical price.

Kolhapuri fashion originally came from sub-continent and was inherited from Hindus initially. The latest trend of kolhapuri chappals in Pakistan is the delicate Kolhapuri adorned with intricate lace, bead work and pom pomy, the best thing about Kolhapuri is that it has no nails or hard material used in its manufacture. The process of Kolhapuri chappals is really simple. It’s made by joining the two paralleled pieces of leather and sewing it with the thin strings of leather which makes it very comfortable and durable to the foot.

Kolhapuri chappals are worn by both male and female. The latest Kolhapuri chappals trend in Pakistan for girls are flat with intricate gota that is made up of golden or silver intricate work, lace and the plan leather polished in various colors mostly in dark brown and black.

This season Kolhapuri chappals were available in Khaadis, a very renowned brand that sells very traditional products, had a collection of very bright colors of leather chappals ranging from violet to electric green, silver and golden colors. In liberty market, Khussa Mehal is a very famous and old shop that has wide range of Kolhapuri chappals made with various kinds of gota kinaari, stone work and delicate handwork.

There are a lot of Facebook pages operated by young girl entrepreneurs already selling their hand adorned foot wears of various kinds. Anarkali is a very famous spot to buy good Kolhapuri chappals. all these places and so many other shops located in Rawalpindi, Karachi, Faisalabad and many other cities sell these latest trends of Kolhapuri.

Despite all the other shoe trends that come and go, Kolhapuri is that one shoe trend which has been there static and the popularity of Kolhapuri chappals hasn’t faded. Yet the trend does change with some variation in embroidery and intricate work on it.

There are different market and shops especially known for Kolhapuri chappals. The latest trend of Kolhapuri chappals is delicate colorful folk style especially influenced by the cultural variation of different regions. Embroideries are also really in and it looks good with occasional as well as casual dresses for girls going to school and universities.

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