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Kids Hairstyles for summer

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As ahair stylingprofessional, I have noticed that there are basically to types of parents when it comes to styling children’s hair. There are those parents that are really serious about their child’shairstyleand know exactly how they want thehaircutto go down to the very last strand and then there are those who want it short and simple. Luckily the latter is usually more in number because most parents understand that kids need simplehairstyles.

Kids Hairstyles for summer

Kids need simplehairstylesfor a couple of reasons. First, they are children and they are not at an age where outer appearance has as much effect and when it does come to that point, trust me parents, you will have lost any say in how they dress or style their hair. Second, because most kids are really active, hairstyles that are simple are easy to style and manage are a better choice since most kids will ruin theirhairstylesanyways. Kids also get their hair dirty or tangled up, so keeping their hairstyle simple will really allow them to be naturally playful without worries. Did I mention less work for you as well, parents.
Now what kind of simplehairstylesare there for your children? Well, for boys there are a couple of easy to managehairstylesthat are clean cut and still produce excellent looking young men. For ladies, it is more complicated because most moms desire long hair for their young girls to allow for cute looks but do not want to manage it frequently. There are a few options here as well for cute, simple looks.

Kids Hairstyles for summer

For young boys, the besthaircutsare the short ones and the comb downs. Short hairstyles like spikes and crew cuts are great for young boys who like to run head first into everything. The haircut is short and simple allowing them to be active without any mess. Comb downs are also agood hairstylefor young boys. The look provides a different style from shorter cuts yet is still easy to style and manage. For young boys not as active the latter is probably a better choice.
As for young girls the best simplehairstylesinclude the medium length cut that goes slightly above the shoulders. This look provides a cute look that still can be tied back or up for different looks. The hair is short enough as to not tangle or get caught in things as often. The hair is shorter and easy to clean and produce cute stylish looks. A prime example is young starletDakotaFanning who has this particular hairstyle onseveral occasions.
Well parents, hope you have learned from this article to keep your children’s haircuts as simple as possible. Simple looks can provide just as cute kids as complicated styles can. And when you visit us professional, feel free to ask us about the simplest, cute styles for your children. Many of us have styled enoughchildren’s hairto pick good ones for yourkids.

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