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Khussa, A Timeless Tradition

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Khussa, a timeless tradition is a trademark of royalty and eminence. One can easily imagine a Mughal Princess with her long frock, chori pajama and golden Khussa walking elegantly beneath the shades of her feminine beauty.The tradition of Khussa started from Mughal Empire, when Shahzada Saleem ordered for a mesmerizing design of Khussa embedded with gold wire known as ‘Saleem Shahi’ Khussa.

Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious mind, no matter how far we may go in our sense of style and fashion, we are always tied with bonds of our culture and tradition.

Khussa knows no age; no timeline for it is eternal. People especially girls from all ages and families love to wear them because of their effeminate designs and scintillate colors.

Khussa comes in myriads of funky colors with different adornments like beads, pearls, sequins and gleaming stars. It goes perfect with any type of traditional dress like shalwar Kamez, frock or chori pajama.

However, many modifications have occurred keeping in mind the latest fashion trends. These days’ denim or jeans Khussa can be an impeccable choice with jeans and kurtas for it represents demure modernity.

Summer is here so what could be an absolutely stunning feminine footwear then a light colored glittered Khussa with spring fresh summer dresses.

With all its cultural charm and nobility, Khussa will remain an ultimate choice for the traditional women of India and Pakistan. With all its colors and shades, Khussa is a true reflection of a woman’s very own colors of her soul and imagination.

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