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Jeff Hardy Tattoo

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“I look at tattoos as a promise to life Hardy wrestler Like This Beautiful Tattoo
e,” said Jeff Hardy, who has spent between 50 and 60 hours in a tattoo chair. “The roots that weave up my right arm and onto my neck are my way of linking with the earth: the earth’s roots hold water like a human’s veins bring blood. I thought it’d be something different besides tribal, you know a lot of guys have tribal [band].”

The Japanese writing on Hardy’s right arm means “health — good or bad — but hopefully good,” he said. “I got the dragon on my leg when I was still living with my dad. He’s not a fan of tattoos so I had to get it at the back his back; he kind of freaked out when he saw it.”

Hardy’s passion for artistic expression is so intense that he even purchased his own tattoo equipment. “I’m right handed, so you can imagine how crazy that looked after I used my left hand to tattoo my right hand,” he said exactness an area of trick, squiggly green lines around his right thumb. “I realized I couldn’t do it on my own, but I think I could do it on someone else. Finally, my whole [right] hand will be done. There’s still so much to do. I have so many ideas in my head, but with my work schedule it’s tough to get a session in. But it will happen.”

Jeff Hardy sure get a lot of tattoos on his body particularly his arms what he call the root. The hidden tattoo that hardly ever disposes out to his fans during match is the dragon tattoo on his leg.

He also has a few other signature designed tattoos, one of which, a dragon, he hid from his father. It was also the first tattoo he got in 1998. He later got tattoos of the Chinese symbols for“Peace” and “Health”, as well as tattoos of fire and a wave. Hardy regards his tattoos as his “creative impulse”.

Jeff hardy is the ultimate wrestler in WWE, and he like very much Tattoo jeff hardy style, viewer also check the tattoo of jeff hardy and they want same tattoo on their bodies.

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