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Japanese Tattoos for Women

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TattooBest Japanese Style Tattoos more suit for womens

The art of Japanese tattoos has existed for thousands of years. There are many beautiful designs and tattoo themes, which have evolve over a period of time. In the olden times, Japanese tattoo art was allied with Yakuza, however times have now changed. Before we actually turn towards Japanese tattoos for women, we must go back in time and know about Japanese tattoo history.

History of Japanese Tattoos
Although tattoos have existed in Japan for a very long time, it was not until recent years that tattoos in Japan really became trendy. In the days of the Samurais, criminals were branded with the help of tattoos. This trend also continued to exist when the team members of the Japanese mafia gangs chose to tattoo themselves, to display their chosen lifestyle.

We have just seen the history of tattoos among men in Japan, now let’s see the history of Japanese women tattoos. This art was first accepted by the geisha girls and prostitutes in Japan. They decked their bodies with these tattoos and used them to draw customers by pompous their beautifully tattooed bodies. Till recent times, women in Japan were averse to getting themselves tattooed. However, now with the sway of the west, the mindset is changing and women are getting tattoos made. Read more about tattoo history.

Japanese Tattoos for Women
Usually women are smaller and skillfully built. Hence, the tattoos for women are smaller in size and are also skillfully made. Feminine tattoos are usually isolated in one or two spots of the body. Women tattoos are not as forceful, compared to the men tattoos. This is however not a rule. Now let’s know some Japanese tattoo designs for women.

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