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Japanese Tattoo Designs

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Tattoos of Eastern world, that embrace theJapaneseandChinesetattoos, have always been favorites oftattoolovers. All thesetattoodesignshave typicaltattoomeanings and their designs are very unique.Tattooinghas been an age old tradition in Japan and is called irezumi (insert ink) or horimono (carving) inJapanese. formerly in Japan,tattooswere only tried out by gangster and hence it had a negative point of view in the past. But now a days they have become fashion trends and people get them to make unique style statements. Cherry blossoms,koifishanddragontattoosare some of the renownedJapanesetattoodesigns. Each of them has typicaltattoodesignand meaning. Scroll down to know more about theseJapanesetattoodesignsand meanings.

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Cherryblossomtattoosare traditional Japanese tattoo designs that depict complete cherry blossom tree or a part of it. Thistattoosecures a very special place inJapaneseculture and is called ‘Sakura’. The main typical of this tree is that it blooms in a very beautiful manner, but only for a short period of time. Thus the tree is considered to symbolize transience of life.Cherryblossomtreetattoosare among some of the most popularJapanesetattoodesignsfor women.Cherryblossomtreetattoosare usually large in size and hence are carved on larger body parts like back or rib cage. Thesetattooshave beautiful recipe of pink and black color and look very neat, specially on girls. Cherry blossoms are very versatile and plastic and hence can be placed anywhere on thebody.Japanese Tattoo Designs – Koi Fish Tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Designs

One moreJapanesetattoothat is popular for its emblematictattoodesigniskoifishtattoo. Koi fish is basically a carp fish that is bred in Japan. This fish can swim miles together and can easily swim against high waves. These fishes are awfully energetic and their ability to swim against upstream is symbolize for true strength and struggle in life.Koifishtattoosare carved very beautifully with detailed designing.Japanesekoitattoodesigns are usually carved along with water tattoos anddragontattoos. Arms, upper backs, ankles, etc. are some of the popular placement forkoifishtattoodesigns.

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