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Islamic Women Clothing

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Islamic clothing doesn’t have to be necessarily fashioned after Middle Eastern styles to stand true to the modest clothing concept. As a matter of fact ; the term ‘Muslim wears‘ actually signifies clothing of any style that meets certain requirements to stand true to the religious aspect! And the good news is today the traditional Islamic clothing for women is mostly restyled while keeping in mind the latest fashion statement. Western style has been adapted to restyle Islamic clothing.

Islamic clothing

The Muslim fashion designers have come up with the best cuts, fits and design to suit the requirement of the era.  For example, now the tunics are now available with higher necks and longer sleeves, the caftan covers the arm while reaching the floor.  Change even has been noticed in the latest Hijab fashion also. Changes in the color scheme of the Islamic abayas and Jilbabs have been also observed and today there are neutral, off and other earthly tones in Jilbabs available to glam up or to tone down your Hijabs.

Islamic clothing

In fact the Islamic clothing for women has now taken a remarkable step towards uniting two completely different fashion worlds– the Islamic fashion and the western trend! In fact it won’t be an overstatement if said that Dubai and Jakarta have all the possibilities of holding the Islamic fashion reputation as high as Paris or Milan.
Let’s face this, what once and originally started off as typically a traditional and religious Islamic women clothing to cover up more in front of Allah has now  taken the fashion industry by storm as the new style trend.

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