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Islamic Niqab

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Most headband niqabs have to be worn outside of the khimar or headcovering you are wearing. The only exceptions to this are some styles of cape khimar and overhead abaya that are made quite ‘open’ at the neck as opposed to fitted around the face; then most styles of headband niqab can be worn inside these.

Islamic Niqab

There are some very wide styles of headband niqab though that simply do not fit properly under anything; this means they do not ‘work’ at all with some overgarments; particularly the very wide traditional overhead abayas as there is just too much fabric which then bunches up under the niqab and it doesn’t look or feel particularly comfortable. Bear this in mind ifIn purely practical terms, the ideal length for a headband niqab is about 15” from the eyes down.

Islamic Niqab

Anything shorter than that tends to get blown up into your face by the wind; also it can tend to look odd and ‘ninja-ish’. You can also get very long niqabs; even floor length but they are not really practical.Most niqabs come in one of the two above styles; although there are variations. A ‘diamond niqab’ is one where the top eyeveil is very large and cut in a diamond shape. A ‘butterfly’ niqab is one where the top eyeveil is similar to the diamond style but the cut is more rounded; sometimes with a frilly serged edge.

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