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Indian Traditional Saree

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Thesareeis mostly worn inIndiaand a few other Asian countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. Thesareeis beautiful attire that is worn is various ways throughIndia. It is exceptionally adaptable to any type of occasion – you will find that thesareeis elegant at formal gatherings and can be exquisitely sexy and appealing at parties.Thesareeis extremely graceful and looks flattering on a thin frame as it complements voluptuous women as well. Some women wear it by exposing their midriff and backless blouses for a stop-in-tracks-effect while the samesareecould be worn so that not one inch of skin would be visible.

Indian Traditional Saree

Thesareecomes in varied lengths depending upon the region where it is worn. Though the standard length is six yards (five and half meters), you will find that in many places it is 9 yards – particularly in the South.Thesareeis regularly worn wrapped around the body with the pallu (the last part of the saree) over the left shoulder and about six seven pleats in the front. This is how you see the air hostesses in irIndiawelcoming you as all the ladies in the hospitality industry in five and seven star hotels. Generally speaking, this is the way the saree is envisaged as “Indiantraditionalsaree“.

Indian Traditional Saree

The truth is that there are many, many other ways to wearsarees. Then you have the Bengali woman (of West Bengal) who would be wearing thesareein a very peculiar way – it is wrapped loosely like a cloak having the pallu fall over loosely in the front which looks extremely graceful on her. The Goan woman also wears thesareein the form of a pant, which is typical of the fisher folk of the region.

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