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Indian Sarees

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Indian Sarees

The Indian sarees of the women in India has a history which goes way back during the early times.
There have been several versions of its beginnings, why women consider wearing it as part of their tradition.
According to  legend  the Indian sarees originated from the appeal of a weaver who likes to dream so much.
As he weaves, he dreams of a woman, the way her tears fall down her face, the way her hair falls down on her shoulders. He imagines her moods as various kinds of colors, and her skin soft to the touch. With these ideas in mind, he keeps on weaving for a long time until the cloth reached a hundred yards. And when he looked at
what he has done, he smiled in satisfaction. This tale is among the reasons why women wear Indian sarees, this is to show the femaleness in them.

For the Indian weavers of the Indian sarees, the precise measurement of the saree is 47 inches by 216 inches. Even though the Indian sarees are not tailored, the design of the cloth speaks of cleverness. The print on the Indian saris follows a specific method of weaving which evident a beat of design.

The design pattern of the Indian saree depends on the region and culture where the saree is made. The Muslims are known to design their Indian sarees with so much gold. These kinds of sarees are mostly used for ritual traditions. There are also Indian sarees which are made from silk with gold embroiders.

In the past, the women of India have no options for the style of their Indian saris. But recently,
there have been an rising various styles of saris which are available not only for Indian women,
but also for other women from all over the world who want to try out a different kind of clothing style.

Embroidery Sarees
Embroidered saris is a passion in the status of colour – Gujarat and Rajasthan. The highlight of
the embroidered saris here is lively colour contrasts, rich patterns and dazzling mirror work.
The craft of threads seems to permeate all aspects of life here.

Bollywood Sarees
Indian Bollywood Sarees (Saris) are the Sarees (Saris) designed by various and famous designers. Bollywood term attached to these Sarees (Saris) as because of the popularity of Indian movies  and actress related to these Sarees (Saris).

Casual Sarees Casual saree/simple sarees can be used both for daily wear and office wear. Casual daily wear saris can be of cotton, chiffon or any other fabric. Inspite of appearance of various Indian dresses as
well as dresses from the West, saree still remains the traditional dress of Indian women.
Printed Sarees One of the most famous adornment methods for any fabric is to get them printed. An exact understanding also happens all over India and the resulting sarees are fabulous pieces of dexterity and original art.
Silk Sarees
Smooth, soft, and apparently timeless, the most expensive of woven sarees are the Indian silk sarees. The best example of this is the quintessentially Hindu wedding sari – the Banarasi sari. Decorated with rich paisley motifs and embroidery work, our collection of silk sarees come in verities like art silk sarees and pure silk indian sarees.

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