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Indian Mehndi Designs

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Indian Mehndi Designs While Indian Mehndi Designs has been popular in the States for the last few years thanks to people like Demi Moore and Madonna, Indian Mehndi Designs began more then 5,000 years ago in the ancient cultures.Indian Mehndi Designs earliest record of Indian Mehndi Designs being used was in Egypt, where the fingers and toes of the Pharaohs were stained just before they were mummified. We know of Indian Mehndi Designs because of the cultures and traditions found in India and other Middle Eastern cultures.

You have seen Indian Mehndi Designs the beautiful and intricateIndian Mehndi Designs on the hands, feet, neck or arm. When this artwork has passed you by, it made you stop and take a second look. But where did it come from and why do people adorn their bodies with masterpieces that will simply fade away?

Indian Mehndi Designs

Indian Mehndi Designs first need to know that Indian Mehndi Designs is a tall plant that resembles a shrub and grows in dry, hot climates like the Sudan, North Africa, India, Pakistan and countries of the Middle East.

To get the dye, the leaves are taken and dried and then ground into powder. Usually this powder is turned into paste and then applied to the skin. At first, the color of the stain it leaves is orange in color. However, within 24 hours that stain will turn a reddish-brown and then Indian Mehndi Designs.

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