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Indian Benarasi Silk Sarees

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The Banarsi Silk Sari gets its recognition in the name of ‘Banaras Brocades and Sarees’.Banarasi Bunkar Samiti, an organization of banarasi handloom weavers along with eight other organizations is initiating the effort to receive the right to the Banarasi silk product. The banarasi sari has been facing a lot of competition recently from saris manufactured in cities like Bhagalpur, Surat and Bangalore and the Geographical Indication is expected to cut the duplicates which had tagged off as banarasi.Banarasi sarees is the finest Indian sariThe intricate Mughal designs are characteristic feature of these saris, intertwining foliate and floral motifs

The Banarasi silk saris are an inevitable part of any Indian bride’s trousseau. All Indian women wear the Banarasi sari on important occasions like wedding and are complemented by their finest jewellery. According to the GI certificate, Banarasi silk product fall under four classes (23-26), namely silk embroidery, textile goods, silk brocades, silk sari and dress material.

Indian Benarasi Silk Sarees

The most important aspect of the GI certification is that no brocade or sari made outside the six identified districts of Uttar Pradesh, India can legally be sold as Banarasi sari and Brocade. There are mainly four varieties of Banarasi saris, among them are Organza (Kora) with zari work, Pure silk (Katan), Georgette, and Shattir.

Indian Benarasi Silk Sarees

The banarasi sari and brocade are divided into categories like, Vaskat, Tissu, Butidar,Tanchoi, Jangla, and Cutwork according to the design process. Banaras has been famous for the weaving of Wedding sari and was described by Ralph Fitch as a thriving cotton textile industry.It is a big achievement for the people associated with the Banarasi saree industry.

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