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Indian Bangles

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Besides earrings and chains, bangles form an important part of Indian jewelry in India. All types of bangles in India are worn in pairs, with one or more in each hand. There are many types of bangles in India, including gold, silver, plastic, platinum, glass and wood bangles.Bangles were first made from metals of which gold bangles are the most expensive ones. Instead of wearing only gold ones, Indian women started wearing gold and glass ones in combination to make themselves look more attractive. These glass bangles are found in numerous colors and are usually between ¼ and 1/8 inch in width.

These glass bangles are usually smooth, with some texture or set with stones. When wearing those, they are usually worn in groups so that any arm movement that you make will create pleasant sounds. After some time, though bangles that were made from plastic started replacing the glass bangles, glass bangles are preferred in traditional functions.

Not only are gold bangles expensive, depending on the work done on the bangle, its price generally increases. Some have embroidery on them, some have small glass pieces on them, some paintings and some have small hangings joined to the wide. In addition to this, the rarer is the color wide bangles of the bangle, the more expensive it becomes.

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