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Indian Armlets

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Generally, fashion jewelry is also known as junk jewelry. Why is it so? Because they are made of less expensive materials namely plastic, synthetic glasses & imitation stones. Due to its cheap availability many can afford these materials and due to its nature they are sometimes referred to as fake jewelry. It is normally bright as well as flashy also. The use of items made of bangles balances the tone of outfits and can also be stylish accessories for special events i.e. engagements, parties, weddings, anniversaries.

Sometimes they are also used for stage performance (as generally costume is only made to look flashy), even in some movies you will find use of these materials (as it is required for cost cutting), which serves the purpose of attracting the audience due to its flashy nature. Fashion jewelry is a synonym of change so precious metals such as stones, gold, pearls, and diamonds are avoided in it. As the price of these is really cheap, it is possible now days to have different kinds of jewelry with you rather than just going for that routine old expensive jewelry. So, you get choice to use different set of costumes with different occasion. Generally bronze & white metal is used in this category.

If you ask any jewelry designer about the trend, definitely they will tell you that use of these materials in bridal jewelry is increasing. In the context of Indian scenario bridal jewelry is really a costly affair, because it contains very costly metals like gold, silver, diamonds etc. Leather is also used in the jewelry business which is popular with teenagers. Young boys & girls wear bracelets of leather which gives them a fashionable look among peers. Leather lockets are also very popular with youngsters.

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