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Indian Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design

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All mehndi designs are collection from best mehndi design websites all over the net. so enjoy the latest arabic, indian, bridal mehndi designs and you can write your comments or feedback after the post.Arabic mehndi – This style tends to be less detailed and intricate. its still very beautiful. Instead of having fill-ins it is just colored in boldly.

Indian Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design

Arbi designs don’t necessarily cover your hands or feet all the way. Many popular Arabic mehndi designs are vines and leaves with beautiful flowers. This makes it an excellent and perfect candidate, if you want to have a bail going down your arm or leg.

Indian Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design

Pakistani mehndi – It is the most detailed and intricate, as well as, the most time consuming and exhausting design to produce for the artist. Pakistani mehndi is known for it’s detailed and fine fill-ins. These designs are famous for being modeled by dhulanain (Pakistani brides), as well as close female family members and friends.

Indian mehndi – The most famous design for Indian mehndi is a big dot or figure in the middle of the palm, with finger tips colored completely. How did this style become so famous??

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