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India Wedding Sarees

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Wedding saree from India are world famous for its ethnic beauty and refinement. There are an infinite variety of saris are in different states based on cultural diversity. In northern India, you can find beautiful saris are married with beautiful embroidery Jaipur and Zari work. The Kashmir silk saris are worn by brides and Marwari is done in intricate embroidery patterns. The silk saris of Mysore is famous for its silks and lightweight fabrics that make it easier to carry.

India Wedding Sarees

The silk sarees Kanchipuram wedding is one of the most expensive and elegant saris that women like to wear. These sarees are quite expensive working in these sarees are pure gold. The Banarasi saris are expensive and elegant son also involves intricate and beautiful made of pure gold. Previously, Indian wedding saris are available in shades of red and brown as it is considered auspicious for weddings.

India Wedding Sarees

The red color called marital happiness, prosperity and happiness. But now, wedding saris are available in almost all colors like pink, blue, yellow, orange, green and so on. Designer Saris brides are increasingly popular among brides today. Shades of blue, purple, pink, peach and olive green is more popular with bridal saris in those days. Gone are the days when brides roses draped saris with matching accessories red. Today, each saree of any color are matching accessories for the compliment. Wedding saris with options for lace, stones, beads and brocades are quite expensive, but a real feast for the eyes. These saris give a distinctive look to the bride and make her special day unique and memorable.

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