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India Shalwar Kameez Design

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Shalwar Kameez is a dress in India or Pakistan that comes in different styles. Simple shalwar kameez is still very popular for normal wear in homes as trousers (jeans) or skirts and are still considered very modern although you can find women wearing trousers quite a bit in shopping malls these days. So you do not need to worry about wild dogs chasing you if you happen to be out in Jeans. Those old days are gone especially in Pakistan.

Kameez (Shirt):

Both hand and machine work is very much in fashion. Heavy Resham embroidery work and thread work in bright colors are back. Fabric borders on kameez Damen (front bottom) and sleeves are latest in fashion along with embroidery. The shape of kameez is still the same as before, but to give it more style and modernization designers are giving it a modern touches by making it sleeveless which was not very common before.

Longer shirts below knees are the trend of today’s fashion in Pakista or India. Kaftans are back and are very much in style as Kameez. It is getting popular because of its casual and flowy look. Kaftan can be worn formally if it has embroidery or shiny embellishments on it.


Shalwar (Trouser)

Trousers, capris, culottes and flappers are very much in instead of shalwar. It gives Pakistani and Indian fashion a new and a modernize look. Traditional shalwar kameez got a complete new and a modern look by replacing shalwar with trousers. It gives it a different stylish and elegant look yet it still looks traditional.

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