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I did NOT meet Ranbir or Salman on my birthday: Katrina

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Katrina who quietly turned a year older on Saturday us very annoyed with reports that she met Ranbir Kapoor at a mutiplex on the eve of her birthday.

“I read that Ranbir was in the same miltiplex where I was promoting my film. I had no clue about this. And I certainly didn’t meet him, ”says Katrina indignantly.

It was meant to be her first birthday party since the fiasco that was her birthday bash in 2008 when Salman Khan had an open fight with Shah Rukh Khan.

Swearing off all birthday parties thereafter, Katrina had finally mustered enough courage to plan a party for all her friends this year, only to have it struck down by the ghastly tragedy that struck Mumbai.

Says a source, “She was promoting her new film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara with the cast and crew on Friday until midnight when everyone decided it was time to bring in her birthday.

Katrina refused, arguing that any kind of celebration at this time would be odd. Someone pointed out to her that it was a very private get-together and not a party.

But Katrina refused outright arguing that it wasn’t about right or wrong but about not feeling up to it. She did put an appearance at Shah Rukh’s home. Since Shah Rukh had thrown the part for the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara team it’d have looked odd if she went missing. ”

Says Katrina, “Nope. No celebrations for me. I guess it’s not meant to be. No party for my birthdays. I was with my Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara team on Friday night. We did nothing to bring in my birthday.


My friends Arjun Kapoor, Kabir Khan etc had a quiet dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

In any case I don’t believe in bringing IN birthdays. My birthday was on Saturday. I spent it quietly with my mother. And I did NOT meet Ranbir or Salman on Friday night. ”

Is turning 28 traumatic?

Karina ponders over that one. “It could be, if there’s no love in your life. The best birthday gift I can hope for? To find love this year, and for my films to do well. And also to keeo Mumbai free of attacks.

We can’t ever begin to feel normal and do normal things like celebrate birthdays or even go out with friends if we have the fear of violence hanging on our heads all the time. ”

So just loads of birthday greetings for Katrina this year.

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