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How to Stop Razor Burn

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The major problem men facing these days is the skin irritation after shaving. There are no men who do not shave and everyone thinks how to prevent skin irritation after shaving. Well now it is not a big deal. You can apply hydrocortisone salve, shaving lotion, shaving cream and depilatory. You should change your razor after every short period to prevent Skin Irritation after Shaving.

Majority of the working men has to shave on the daily basis as it comes under codes of ethics to look clean on work. But daily shaving causes skin irritation after shaving. Itching skin and razor burn are the common problem for men after shaving. This problem can arise due to many factors like old razor or dry skin etc. If these tips to prevent skin irritation after shaving are followed then this problem can be minimized.

Cease shaving:
Stop shaving and forget skin irritation after shaving. Well this is a short term solution you cannot make your hair grow for forever.

Apply hydrocortisone cream or salve after:
To prevent skin irritation after shaving hydrocortisone cream or salve can be used,this decrease the redness and skin irritation after shaving. But it should not be used on the daily basis as it diminishes the effectiveness of the cream and some doctors say that if hydrocortisone cream used on daily basis also makes the membrane thin.

Use lotion:
Lotion is very important after shaving. It works as an antiseptic and decreases skin irritation after shaving. It also smooth’s the skin.

Hydrate your skin by shower:
It is very important to hydrate your skin before shaving. To prevent skin irritation after shaving you can take shower before shaving or hydrate your skin by massaging your skin with hands by water. This makes the hair smooth and then it becomes easy to shave. It reduces the scratches and skin irritation after shaving as compared to less hydrated skin.

Use depilatory:
Using depilatory reduces all the problems which are faced by shaving but nonetheless there are drawbacks of depilatory. Using depilatory causes skin problems or allergies to many men.

Apply benzoyl peroxide salve or cream:
Benzoyl peroxide salve or cream is used for acne problem and it is also very beneficial if applied small amount after shave. It cuts the redness of the skin and skin irritation after shaving.

Get a new razor:
If you are using same old razor for a long time then you are at fault. You should change your razor on first hand to get rid of all the problems.

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