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How to look Beautiful

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There are many ways to look beautiful, and I am sure you have all heard the saying that beauty comes from within, and yes, I agree it does, but there is heaps you can do to the outside to help that inner beauty along.How to have beautiful hair, skin and nails can be yours with a little bit of care and time.

Ways to Look Beautiful

1. Take a look at your eyebrows, get them plucked to a nice flattering shape, and don’t do them yourself if you are unsure of what you are doing.

Also, don’t just go to the nearest and cheapest salon to have them done, I have seen some eyebrow disasters done by supposedly professionals. Ask around if you are not sure.

2. Always use natural products on your skin, stay away from products laden with chemicals. Your priority is to keep wrinkles at bay, not create more of them, and chemicals will do this to you.

3.Get your hair cut, if you are in your late 40’s don’t try and compete with the young girl next door with the waist length hair, it is so unflattering and can actually make you look older. Put a treatment in your hair at least once a month.

4. The best ways to look younger is to do facial exercises, I can’t emphasize this                 enough.  They really do make a difference.

5. If you have weak fingernails, soak them in warm olive oil for about 10 to 15 minutes 3 or 4 times a week, if you have more time soak them for 20 minutes. This is an incredible way to help strengthen soft nails. I highly recommend doing this, as my nails have shown an incredible improvement.

6. Put on a mineral sunscreen before you walk out the door, no matter what the weather.

7. Do breathing exercises.

8. Dry brush your skin before you shower or bath.  This is a wonderful thing to do, it not only helps the body expel toxins, it is great if you are not exercising enough.  Its like giving yourself a mini workout.

9. The best ways to look beautiful is combining all of the above and drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day. This is for the inside, so it shows on the outside.

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