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How to Have Shinny Healthy Nails

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We work so hard to look good, we use best nail paints, best manicure, pedicure, we buy best creams we can pay for to give ourselves best hands and best nails, but the thing is that it is just momentary, but if you really need to get best hands and nails, you have to go after few tips to make them beautiful naturally and inside too, so they can shine even without your nail colors and all fake things.

To develop and maintain shiny healthy nails, you must eat a well balanced diet. In fact, your nails are a gossip sign if you are getting enough nutrition or not. Your diet should include raw fruits and vegetables and plenty of water each day. Uncooked fruits and vegetables are intense with vitamins A, B and C, as well as zinc, which all play a part in healthy nails.

To make your nails shiny healthy and strong do follow the following steps,
1.     Eat right
2.     Remove old polish
3.     Buff
4.     File
5.     Massage
Massage your nails and cuticles with vitamin E oil, a vitamin that comes in capsules. Break a capsule of vitamin E oil and quietly massage the oil into your nails. To smash the capsule with the least amount of muddle, just puncture it in one site with a spine or straight pin. Do this each time you manicure your nails.

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